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End: Scene Number One

I'm finally finishing this little scenario thing that I started in April, and I personally think that it's so fucked up that I can't help but to laugh. I mean... yeah. And also, it's about time I finished it. And before I start something, it was just a thought! I find it really hilarious at the moment, but just because I do, doesn't mean that everyone else will. Why do I find it so funny? Well... I find 'oh shit' moments hilarious... well, dramatic moments.


"And why not?" Seth asked, looking down at Iyasu and laughing.

Iyasu gave him a mock glare and mumbled, "Because I said so."

Seth continued to laugh, but stopped when the raven-haired girl pushed him backwards so that he ended up on his back on his bed. "What are you-" he began to ask, but he was cut off by Iyasu's index finger upon his lips, silently telling him to be quiet.

She sat beside him, saying nothing, just looking down at him, a faint smile tinged with slight bitterness coming across her face. Seth knew her well enough to know that her smile was not of happiness, but what it was of, he didn't know. Iyasu removed her finger away from his lips and whispered to him, "It's just something about you, and I don't know what it is."

Ice blue orbs looked into dark blue in surprise, but the owner of the latter shook her head, telling him that she didn't want a response. Seth didn't know what was going on now for sure. He was lost. As he looked up at her, he saw her eyes darken to midnight blue, with a look of... something, but what, he still didn't know. It was just like her smile.

Iyasu slowly drew closer to him, closer and closer, until her hair framed around Seth's like an ebony curtain, not once breaking eye contact with him. She stopped about six inches away from him, hesitation flickering across her face for a brief moment. After seeming to collect her courage, or making a decision, her expression turned into one of finality. And, without giving Seth an instant to make a reaction, she leaned forward and kissed him. The thing that she wasn't expecting, but got was for him to return it.

At that second, there was another person in the house, one that neither Seth nor Iyasu knew about because he had just arrived. He was a person with black hair braided into intricate designs and fiery crimson eyes. A carefree expression was upon his face as he walked to the room where the other two were, and upon entering, that expression was wiped right from his face. "What the hell's going on in here?" he demanded.

At hearing his voice, Iyasu whipped her head up sharply, her blue eyes wide with fear, giving her the look of a deer in headlights. Her mouth hung slightly open in shock. For what seemed like hours, she said nothing. She couldn't. But in all actuality, it was only a few seconds. Slowly, she overcame the shock and whispered, "J...Juran..."

Seth was looking much the same way as Iyasu was. "Bro, we didn't mean-"

But Juran was gone, however, not before Iyasu saw the betrayal in his eyes and she knew that he'd back. And this time, he'd be angry. The two offenders looked at each other, knowing very well that all hell was about to break loose.


I really hope that no one expected a happy ending. *snorts* I haven't written anything with a happy ending in quite a while... it can be happy, and then I write like two more paragraphs, and it's like the furthest away from happy as you can possibly get. Some can end in despair, and others can end in the 'damn, I screwed up' kind of moments like this one. I love fictional bad things. Maybe I'll post that one with a death in it sometime. And... I highly doubt that I'll continue this, because I would make this so bad, and I'd laugh while I was doing it, 'cause it's fiction. Well, at the moment... 'cause I only have three moods right now. They are, 'Create chaos', 'Fuck, I'm in sooo much pain' and 'I think everything will go down the drain once I graduate'. Anyway, I've got to finish reading my Anne Rice: The Tale of the Body Thief, Book Four of the The Vampire Chronicles.
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