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Within a Shattered Glass: Shattered Souls

The following short story was inspired because of a roleplay that I was in with the same name, created by James.


Within A Shattered Glass: Shattered Souls
By Iyasu

Lorelei lay upon her bed flat on her back with her hands clasped behind her head and her eyes closed. She was not asleep, she was only relaxing to the sound of her music by Enya playing quietly. She hadn't been able to relax in what seemed like forever, so she was indulging herself. When there was a knock on the door, Lorelei was more than a little irritated at the intrusion upon her relaxation time. "Yes?" she asked sharply.

"Could I talk to you?" Lorelei recognized the voice; it was Raphael at her door.

Lorelei rolled her eyes and sighed as she considered whether to let him in or not. "It is important?"

"Very much so," Raphael replied.

She sighed again, then sat up and moved to the edge of her bed. "Fine. Come in."

The door opened, revealive a silver-haired male with blue-gray eyes. He walked in and sat beside Lorelei on the bed. Silence ensued, except for the sound of the soft music that continued to play. Lorelei waited for him to speak, moving her attention to the stick of sandalwood-scented incense that was burning in its burner on top of her dresser while doing so. Still, Raphael said nothing. After a few more moments of this, Lorelei turned her attention to him. He was looking nervously into his lap. Lorelei placed a calming hand on his arm, her blue eyes filled with concern. Raphael sighed, then looked into her eyes. "Lorelei..." he began.


"I don't know the right way to go about saying this, so I'm just going to come out and say it. Lorelei, I love you."

Lorelei's eyes grew as wide as saucers in surprise and fear. What the hell is going on lately? Why are all of my friends starting to like me? Well... love me...? I can't handle this... my friends...

Her thoughts were interrupted by Raphael asking, "Lorelei... what's wrong?"

I can't tell him what's wrong. I just can't. "It's just that Carlos said that too..." She rose from her bed and began to move away from him. "I can't-" she began.

"Can't you?" Raphael asked, grabbing her wrist gently but firmly, stopping her from running away. "What are you afraid of? You told me yourself that you didn't have feelings for Carlos."

True, I don't, but it's not that, Lorelei thought to herself. "I can't tell you," she whispered, snatching her wrist away and quickly heading to her door, seeking to escape the confrontation.

He was fast, faster than she was. As soon as she touched the knob, he was between her and the door. She looked at him, startled. Before she could back away, Raphael wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close. "You don't have to be afraid of me." He gave her a soft smile. "I've seen the way you look at me."

Lorelei stared at him like a cornered deer before she began to inwardly curse herself for giving the slightest clue that she was indeed interested in him. She was trapped, in more ways than one, and was looking for a way out before she did something that she would regret later. "I-I don't know what you're talking about, Raphael." She tried to pull away from him, but his grip only tightened on her. He had no intentions of letting her go until she admitted what they both knew. "Let me go... please..." Lorelei whispered, realizing that somewhere along the line they had reversed positions and her back was now pressed against the aforementioned door.

She was now rigid with fear, however, that fear wasn't for Raphael, that fear was for something else. The position that she was in brought back so many memories...


"No! Let me go!" Lorelei cried, struggling against the rough grip upon her shoulders after she was slammed against the door, another body pressed against hers. "Setsuna, get off me!" She was silenced by his lips pressing roughly against hers in a kiss, but she ended it quickly by turning her head.

Setsuna forced her head back to its original position by grabbing hold of her chin and turning her head with his hand. He squeezed it tightly, forcing her mouth open. With that done, he kissed her again, shoving his tongue inside her mouth. He promptly received a sharp bite upon it. "Ow, you little bitch!" Setsuna exclaimed, moving away from her and releasing his grip slightly.

Lorelei used this opportunity to knee him in the stomach, and once she had, Setsuna drew back away from her completely, his arms wrapping around his stomach. She wasted no time in making a run for it, opening his bedroom door and bolting out of Setsuna's bedroom. She ran down the hall, and through the kitchen. Lorelei was just making it into living room when she was tackled from behind. She landed hard upon the white carpet that covered the living room floor. A small groan escaped her lips as all of the air was forced from her lungs from the impact. "Get off of me," the blue-haired young woman demanded, the words coming out as a croak.

"Next time, you might want to hit me a little harder, Lorelei, if you actually expect to get away," Setsuna taunted as he stood up, dragging Lorelei up with him by her wavy waist-length hair. As soon as the two of them had gotten to their feet, he fisted his hand in her hair more, tightening his grip on the blue locks, and wrenched her head back roughly, causing Lorelei to cry out in pain. "Did you actually think that I was going to let you break up with me before I got what I wanted? Better think again."

Lorelei stared at him defiantly and said nothing for a long while, then broke the silence by asking, "Do you know what I think of you fight now?" Without waiting for an answer, she said, "This," before spitting in his face.

Setsuna glowered at her darkly, before slowly wiping his face. "That's it." Without warning, he grabbed Lorelei and slung her over his shoulder, afterwards heading back to his bedroom. Once there, he unceremoniously dropped her onto his bed. "I was going to have a little mercy on you," Setsuna said, as he used his body weight to hold the struggling girl down. "But, you've destroyed my patience with you." He tied her wrists to his bedposts with some rope he had ready for the occasion. After securely tying her, he picked up what appeared to be a knife handle and pressed a button on it, proving it to be a knife with a retractable handle.

"And what are you going to do with that?" Lorelei asked. Her voice was steady, showing no fear in it at all. However, there was no fear to show in the first place, only defiance.

"I'm going to kill you with it if you don't stop pissing me off," Setsuna responded while using it to cut off the clothing that Lorelei wore.

Lorelei gave a derisive snort, then retorted, "Oh? Then you wouldn't be called a rapist anymore; you'd be called a necrophiliac." She kicked at him, but it was of no use. He simply caught her legs, causing her to freeze in mid-kick. "You're pathetic."

He struck her hard across the face for her words, then placed his knife at her throat. He applied pressure to it, making a cut shallow enoughto not cause a lot of damage, but deep enough to cause blood to flow freely. Lorelei fell the blood trickle down her throat and her eyes widened slightly over the realization that there was a chance that he would actually kill her. Setsuna returned to his task of undressing her. He retracted the blade and returned it to its original place once he was done cutting off what he couldn't remove easily.

Lorelei made no move to struggle against Setsuna as he ran his hands over the naked top half of her body. She turned her head, not wanting to watch him bestow his unwanted touch upon her. Setsuna smirked at the lack of resistance coming from the girl beneath him as he began to undress her lower half. As soon as he slid Lorelei's pants and underwear off of her feet, she seized the chance to kick him in the face hard, sending him flying back into the opposite wall. She screamed for help, and struggled with all her might to break her bonds.

It took Setsuna a little time to recover, counting on the face that he had been caught off guard. But once he had, his first though was to shut up the screaming girl tied to his bed. He pushed himself up and away from the wall, and stalked over to Lorelei. "Get away from me!" she yelled, beginning to struggle even more. Setsuna ignored her, and came closer, raising his hand to strike her and going through with the strike.

"Setsuna...?" a new voice asked from the hallway.

Setsuna's hand struck the side of Lorelei's face hard as he turned and looked out his door into the hallway. There was a person standing there, and that person was none other than Setsuna's mother. He froze his tracks, staring at her with widened eyes. He continued to stare at her for a few moments wordlessly before pushing roughly aside as he ran out of the room and the house.

Setsuna's mother came to the door and looked around inside. Her attention was drawn immediately to the bound Lorelei lying upon the bed. "Oh my god... Lorelei," she whispered in shock, quickly moving to Lorelei's side. She untied her bonds as fast as her hands would allow, then helped her sit up. Her attention moved to the fresh cut upon Lorelei's neck as she helped Lorelei covered her naked body with the comforter on the bed. "Did he...?"

Lorelei, who had been silent the entire time, merely shook her head no. She stared blankly in front of her focusing on everything yet nothing at the same time. Setsuna's mother pulled her into a hug and whispered, "I'm sorry... he will pay for this..." It was right after that moment that something inside Lorelei snapped, and the tears began to fall.


As Raphael held Lorelei in his arms, he noticed that she had a faraway look in her eyes, as if she was looking through him at someone else. "Lorelei?" he asked, trying to get her attention. At the mention of her name, Lorelei began to tremble violently, and her eyes clouded over with a more intense fear that he could recognize for what it was. At first, he didn't really see a fear, he saw a reluctance, but now he saw raw fear, and was concerned.

"Get away from me," Lorelei said in a shaky voice, as she tried to push him away. Her eyes got a wild look of desperation in them when she realized that her pushing had no effect whatsoever. She stopped trying to push Raphael away and withdrew into herself, wrapping her arms around herself in an effort to defend herself. "Get away from me!" she shrieked. All she could see was Setsuna coming back for her, and this time, she had no escape.

"Lorelei..." Raphael said softly. "It's me." He tugged gently at Lorelei's arms, trying to get her to separate her arms and relax, but Lorelei screamed hysterically. He pulled her close and wrapped his arms arounf the frightened girl in a comforting gesture. She fought against him at first, but then it seemed as if she suddenly lost the will to fight, for she slumped weakly into his arms. "Who is it that you see?" Raphael asked, supporting her weight.

Lorelei continued to tremble slightly in Raphael's arms as she returned to reality. She pushed herself away slightly amd bowed her head so that her wavy blue locks covered her face. "I'm sorry..." Lorelei whispered softly, apologizing for her actions. "I can't be with you."

Raphael moved one hand from around Lorelei to cup her cheek. Upon touching the smooth skin, he realized that it was damp with tears. He slowly slid his hand from Lorelei's cheek to beneath her chin, and gently but firmly tilted her head up so that he could look into her eyes. Her blue eues were glazed over with tears that continued to fall no matter how much she tried to prevent them from doing so. "Who is it that you see?" Raphael repeated.

Lorelei immediately averted her eyes from Raphael. "It's no one," she lied, not wanting to speak about her fears yet.

"Lorelei, please don't lie to me."

"It's no one, okay?" Lorelei snapped, beginning to grow defensive once more. "I can handle it."

"If you can handle it as well as you say you can, then look me in the eyes while you tell me so," Raphael challenged.

Not being one to back away from a challenge, no matter what the circumstances, Lorelei raised her head on her own, a look of defiance in her eyes. She looked him directly in the eye as she beganto speak. "I-" she began, when suddenly it seemed as if something was holding her tongue. "I can... handle..." Raphael's eyes were now more gray than blue, and they held such an intensity within them that it caused her to falter in her words. "Damn you!" she yelled in frustration, turning away from him the best she could.

"Lorelei, let me help you. It's obvious that this is tearing you apart," Raphael said quietly. "You can trust me." Lorelei glanced at him out of the corner of her eye, but said nothing. "What have you got to lose? I've always been here for you, why should things change now?"

I've got a few reasons... Lorelei thought, but tried to change her mind from the path that her thoughts were taking. "I can trust you?" she asked instead, her voice carrying an undercurrent that said that she needed reassurance.

Raphael nodded. "Yes. And... if you ever decide that you want to let yourself return my feelings, I'll still be here."

The tears stopped flowing from Lorelei's eyes as she turned to face him once more. "I'll make no promises about trusting you, but I'll try. And as for how I feel... we'll get to that when the time comes. How's that?"

"It's perfect. Besides," Raphael teased, trying to lighten the mood, "I know you want me anyway."

Lorelei groaned and rolled her eyes. "I still don't know what you're taking about."

"Don't worry, you will soon." Raphael danced away from a blow she aimed at him. "Watch it! You could hurt someone like that!"

"That was my goal."

"Well, in that case, you might want to work on your aim, because right now... it's - Hey!" Raphael backed away from Lorelei, while still egging her on. Suddenly, he tackled her to the floor, sat on her, and began to tickle her.

Lorelei squirmed and tried to get away, but she was laughing so hard that all she could do was lie there and wait until it was over. "This is inhumane!" she gasped out between bouts of laughter.

"Fine." Raphael stopped and gave her a quick kiss on the foreheard before getting off of her. "Sadness doesn't become you, you're more beautiful when you smile," he said as he slipped out of her door with a gentle smile, leaving her alone.

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