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Never In Love (cont.)

This is a continuation of a brief little scene that I wrote years before. After talking with Douglas, I started thinking that I need to write a little something for my very first original characters after Ayashi Mikagami aka Iyasu Destiny. To understand what's going on, first read this.


As much as Ceres wanted to drop down to her knees and sob until all of the pain flowed out of her, she couldn’t. She swallowed heard, forcing the sob back down her throat, and reining in her pain with a light hand, holding everything behind a thick wall of sheer will even though the dam was broken. A numbness washed over her, dulling all emotion inside her and giving her the power to think.

“No guy is ever in love…"

He lied to me.

“No guy is ever in love…”

He cheated on me.

“No guy is ever in love…”

He used me.

Ceres gingerly stepped around the glass, not wanting to think about what it had been merely moments before, not wanting to think about what she’d felt when she’d given it to him – what she thought they’d both felt, and not wanting to think about what she felt now after her revelation. She headed quickly out of the house, not desiring to remain anywhere she wasn’t wanted, and wanting to get out of there as fast as possible. She made it to the porch, paused, and looked over at her car, thinking that there were some things of Alex’s inside of it and that she wanted to get rid of any reminders of him – his name already becoming something that she unconsciously shied from, knowing that it could disrupt the delicate balance she was maintaining – that she could now. Ceres walked to her car and popped the trunk, flinching slightly at the sight of the articles inside before taking a deep breath and reaching inside to pick up a few CDs she’d borrowed and the baseball bat that he’d left when they’d gone to celebrate after his last game. Crimson orbs focused on the bat in her hand, and then landed on Alex’s car, measuring. The CDs dropped from her hands, forgotten before they landed back inside her car as she hefted the bat.

All sadness, all rational thought, and all cares about possible consequences and repercussion were temporarily forgotten in the heat of the moment. She wanted to break something, anything to ease the pain and the anger that was rapidly building up inside of her, no matter how much she tried to control it. She heard nothing but the sounds of the glass breaking over her labored breaths, she felt nothing but the release of the explosive emotions inside when the flying glass cut at her unprotected arms and hands. It seemed as if time moved rapidly, yet stood still at the same time for Ceres.

When she was done, emerald eyes once again locked with ruby, for Alex stood on his porch, his lips moving rapidly but no sound emitting from them as he stared at her in complete surprise. The numbness once more swept around her, cooling down her sudden temper. She walked over to him and placed the bat on the porch, saying to him, “I thought you might want this back, but oops, it slipped. You know how things are.” Ceres couldn't even enjoy the satisfaction she supposed she was meant to feel at this time as she appeared to calmly get into her car and leave.

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