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Anime Meme - Day 9

Day 9 - Saddest Anime scene

Okay, I've got two, one is cause I'm cheating and the other is standard.

The first one is from Kingdom Hearts which is actually a video game, I know, but I'm using Chrissy's argument of "It's still animation, right?" to cover this logic. It was sad to me because no matter how much of a jerk Riku was during the game, it was obvious that Maleficent was controlling him and I thought it was sad that he had to be locked away in the Realm of Darkness after all he'd been through. When he said, "Take care of Kairi," I completely burst into tears and cried through the rest of the ending... no lie.

The second one is from Sailor Moon, and it's when Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus attack Sailor Galaxia, fail, and they die. Two lovers, died together, and they're last movements are to reach for each other so that they could hold hands. I don't think any more explanation is needed.

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Day 9 - Saddest Anime scene
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