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100 Theme Challenge - #1 - Introduction

First Meetings

Let’s go back, back to the beginning
Back to when the earth, the stars, the sun, all aligned…

“Wait for me, Riku!” a four-year old Sora yelled as he raced his best friend across the island to the beach, the night sky alight with meteors flowing through it.

Riku glanced over his shoulder at Sora and yelled back, “No way!”

Sora ran as fast as he could, never noticing that he’d ran past Riku until he’d looked behind him and saw Riku just standing there, a few feet behind him staring at something on the end of the beach. “Riku? Why’d you stop? I didn’t want you to let me win!” When Riku didn’t say anything, he turned back to look out at the beach, trying to see what it was that Riku was staring at.

Floating in the water was a little girl about their age with short burgundy hair. In her arms rested a moogle plushie, and she appeared to be asleep. “We gotta get her outta there!” Sora yelled. He dashed to the water line, Riku right there beside him, and they both pulled her out of the water. She stirred slightly in their arms, her eyes opening briefly. “Who are you? Where did you come from?” he asked.

“Kai… ri…” the little girl whispered sleepily before drifting back off.

The two boys looked at each other over the sleeping Kairi, and it was at that moment that both came to a silent mutual agreement that they would look over Kairi from now on.


 “Cloud, you big meanie, give that back!” a small raven haired girl yelled at her blond playmate as she tried to get her favorite toy back from him but was thwarted every time since he’d simply switch hands.

“You’re gonna have to try harder than that, Tif,” Cloud said in response as he continued to play keep-away with Tifa. He was taken completely off guard when the toy was snatched from his hands by a set of hands that didn’t belong to Tifa. “Hey, Squall, mind your own-“ Cloud began sulkily before realizing that it wasn’t the older boy at all but a girl not much older than him he’d never seen before.

She smiled mischievously at him, her green eyes gleaming with happiness as she said, “You’re not supposed to take things that don’t belong to you, you know.” Quickly, before Cloud could stop her, she handed the toy back to Tifa. “Here you go!”

“Thank you,” Tifa said gratefully. “I’m Tifa. What’s your name?”


“Wanna be best friends?”


While the two girls were talking, Cloud took their distraction as a opportunity to steal Aerith’s hair ribbon and reclaim Tifa’s toy before running away.

Aerith and Tifa shared a look of mutual surprise and irritation before Aerith asked, “Wanna beat him up when we catch him?”

Tifa nodded without hesitation before the two girls ran after Cloud, laughing the entire time.