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100 Theme Challenge - #39 - Dreams


And if I sleep, just to dream of you, I’ll wake without you there…

Kairi dreamed, floating in the one place where things made sense. Her boys were gone, and she was all alone on the islands. Everyone thought that Riku had run away, and no one even remembered the other boy at all except for her, and even she didn’t remember all that much about him, not even his name. However, she trusted her heart and the strong sense of longing that she had whenever fleeting memories of him passed through her mind continued to reinforce her certainty that he was someone important to her. In her dreams, it was the three of them together once more, before the night of the storm when everything changed.

The red-head rolled over and opened her eyes, quickly noticing that her window was open, allowing the sea breeze to blow her curtains aside and the moonlight to illuminate her room. She rose from her bed to close them when she saw a spot of shadow, darker than the rest, in the darkened room. Frightened, she quickly turned to see who the intruder was. She blinked in surprise when she saw the silver hair cascading down her visitor’s face, a face that was covered by a blindfold. However, she didn’t have to see his face – she already knew who this was. “Riku…” she whispered, partly afraid to wake the mayor if she spoke too loudly, but mostly afraid that if she spoke too loudly, he would simply disappear like in her dreams. “It’s really you…”

“Were you expecting someone else, Kai?” Riku replied, his voice laced with humor and his trademark smirk on his face. He was about to say more when Kairi interrupted him by engulfing him in a tight hug and burying her face into the black robes he wore. “Kairi…” He wrapped his arms around her, hoping to comfort her.

“I missed you,” she said, looking up at him, her eyes glazed with unshed tears. “Both of you. Where is he? And why am I the only one who remembers?” She was full of many more questions, but she knew that she didn’t – they didn’t – have that kind of time. Why pepper him with questions when she could just enjoy the time that she had with him? So, she decided to stick to the most important ones, the ones she needed to know.

Riku was silent for moment before answering, “It’s a long story, but he’s sleeping. You’re the only one who remembers because you’re the only one he remembers. Don’t worry; he’ll be fine with me around.”

Kairi didn’t understand, but she knew Riku would do anything for Sora, just like she would, so she decided to let it go. Now that the surprise had faded from her, her body remembered that it was tired and she couldn’t stifle the yawn that came from her lips. She protested when Riku picked her up and carried her back over to her bed, not wanting to go to sleep now because she knew that Riku would leave as soon as she was settled.

As if he knew what she was thinking, he chucked softly and said, “I’ll be here for a little while longer,” as he sat down on the bed with Kairi still in his arms, moving her so that her head rested on his shoulder as she leaned against him.

“Something’s not right,” she murmured, looking up at him from her new place in his lap. She heard the other make a small sound of questioning, but ignored it to reach up to untie his blindfold. With it gone, Kairi saw him open his eyes to look down at her, aquamarine orbs gleaming from the moonlight. “Much better,” she whispered before she lost herself in his gaze, and then saw the emotions that he’d been hiding. Regret, self-reproach, worry, and so much more. With no hesitation, she wove her fingers through the silver strands, pulling his head down so that their lips met. She poured everything into the kiss, every emotion, every word, and all the comfort she had to soothe away his troubles, if only for a moment.

Eventually, their lips parted and she gave him a slow smile. “He will be okay. And you will come back, for good – both of you. And I will be waiting.”


Kairi’s eyelashes fluttered as she fought to remain asleep, trying to ignore the sunlight that shone through her window. Eventually, she gave up the fight and sat up in bed, slowly opening her eyes. The room was empty, except for her. She heaved a sigh of disappointment. It would have been nice to have actually seen Riku…

Yawning all the way, Kairi climbed out of bed and headed to the bathroom. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes as she stood in front of the mirror, and only then did she see the ribbon-like material wrapped around her hand and wrist. A black ribbon.

Riku’s blindfold.

So it hadn’t been a dream, Kairi mused to herself as she stared at the long strip of material, a smile slowly creeping its way up over her face. Waiting wasn’t so hard, not anymore.