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Tears of Blood and Betrayal

Yeah. You remember when I said that I was rewriting it? Well... I'm done! Actually, I've been done for a while, but I've been too lazy to post. It's much better than it was before, if I say so myself. But don't think I'm done yet... *evil laugh!*


Disclaimer: Juran is the property of Bryant, although the way he looks belongs to me.

Tears of Blood and Betrayal
by Iyasu

The raven-haired girl ate away at the abnormally long, rainbow-colored Unicorn lollipop that was in her possession. She appeared to be completely absorbed in eating it as she held it like a shiskabob and ran her tongue down its length a few times before returning to the tip of her lollipop. Truthfully, she was absorbed in it, but not as absorbed as she seemed to be, for she glanced over at her best friend who was sitting in a blue recliner a couple of feet away in a corner of the room every few minutes or so. He was watching a movie upon the television, so she didn't think that he noticed her. She didn't mean to continuously look at him like she was, but she couldn't help herself. She had been doing it since they had met up with each other the day before. She was attracted to his short, spiky black hair with golden blonde tips, to his tanned skin, but especially to his ice blue eyes. However, he was off-limits, for she was currently in a relationship with his best friend, Juran.

Unbeknownst to her, her best friend was watching every move she made. He too, was attracted to her. He wanted to run his hands through her mid-back length ebony hair. He wanted to taste her chocolate brown skin. He wanted to see her beautiful dark blue eyes light up with passion for him. As he watched her lick and suck upon the narrow rainbow-colored lollipop, he wondered what it would be like to have her soft lips upon him, she taking him into her mouth like the lollipop. He cut his musings short when he realized that his jeans were beginning to feel a little tighter in places where they had not been just a few minutes before. He noticed that she kept looking at him every few minutes. Did she know that he wanted her? He didn’t think so, and hoped that she didn’t. After all, she was in happy relationship with his best friend, no, his brother.

That didn’t stop him from watching her as she rewrapped her sweet treat and placed it onto his nearby night stand. That didn’t stop him from getting the idea to scare her as she laid on her back upon his bed, fixing her gaze onto the television. He stealthily moved from his chair onto the bed, covering her slender and lithe body with his own. As he stared down at her, talking in the fact that she was wearing a tank top and a skirt, he realized that he needed to stop himself now or risk going too far. “Iyasu,” he said to the girl beneath him, “the last time I checked, I didn't look like Band Camp."

Iyasu turned her head directly in front of her and ice blue met dark blue. He was right over her, and she realized that she hadn't even noticed when he had moved. She jumped slightly as a sudden shiver of arousal went down her spine. An image of him on top of her, touching her, caressing her as their bodies rocked together as one flashed through Iyasu’s mind briefly. To cover up how she really felt, she sent a mock glare at him. "Seth, you scared me!" she said in a false explanation of why she had jumped.

"Sorry, Iyasu," Seth replied with an apologetic smile as he forced himself to move back, removing his boy from atop hers. Iyasu sat up on the bed, and after she had gotten settled, he moved to sit beside her. "You've been looking at me for the past hour, now, do I look that good?"

"What do you think?" Iyasu shot back. "We've had this conversation already. Two days ago, to be exact."

"Just wanted to hear you say it again." Seth’s hands itched to touch her, so he settled for tickling Iyasu’s sides, causing her to thrash around from side to side, laughing.

"Seth!" Iyasu cried out between giggles as she unsuccessfully tried to free herself from his torture. She leaned forward as she tried to grab his hands, but Seth moved backwards a bit, throwing her off balance. She ended up falling facedown onto his chest. Afterwards, Iyasu said something, but it was muffled since her face was buried in Seth’s chest.

Seth raised an eyebrow as he looked down at the top of her head. "What did you just say?"

Iyasu moved back slightly, taking in the scent of his cologne as well. She raised her head slowly and replied, "I said, 'You weren't supposed to move...' but no..."

"And why not?" Seth asked, beginning to laugh.

Iyasu gave him another mock glare and mumbled, "Because I said so." It was then that the close proximity affected her yet again.

Seth continued to laugh, but stopped when the raven-haired girl shoved him backwards so that he ended up on his back. Instantly, he thought that Iyasu was going to get revenge on him. That thought was quickly replaced by confusion when she straddled his waist. Immediately, he had to fight back the thoughts that the extremely intimate position gave him. "What are you-" he began to ask, but he was cut off by Iyasu's index finger upon his lips, silently telling him to be quiet.

Iyasu sat beside him, saying nothing, just looking down at him. Imagine that. I want him, yet I can’t have him, she thought as a faint smile tinged with slight bitterness coming across her face.

Seth looked up at Iyasu silently. He knew her well enough to know that her smile was not of happiness, but what it was of, he didn't know. He had the nagging feeling that he had seen that smile once before, he couldn’t remember the details of when, where, and why.

What is it that draws to him, that makes me crave him so? Iyasu removed her finger away from his lips and whispered to him, "It's just something about you, and I don't know what it is."

Ice blue orbs looked into dark blue in slight confusion. Seth’s lips parted to ask a question, but the owner of the dark blue orbs shook her head, indicating that she didn't want a response. Seth didn't know what was going on now for sure. He was lost. Nonetheless, he still felt the flutters in the stomach that marked the beginnings of anticipation. As he looked up at Iyasu, he saw her eyes darken to midnight blue, with a look of... lust? However, as soon as he saw it, it was gone, leaving Seth to wonder if he’d imagined it. Now, Iyasu’s eyes held a look that he couldn’t decipher, but it was exactly like her smile in the way that it gave him the feeling that he had seen it before in the past.

Iyasu slowly drew closer to him until her hair framed around Seth's face like an ebony curtain. Not once did she break eye contact with him. She stopped about six inches away from Seth‘s face, hesitation flickering across her face for a brief moment. Should I even be thinking about doing this? she wondered. After one look into Seth’s eyes and seeing the anticipation there, Iyasu forgot everything but her desire. The hesitation on her face vanished, only to make way for the expression of finality. Without giving Seth an instant to make a reaction, she leaned forward and crushed her lips against his.

A jolt of primal lust flowed through Seth’s body instantly. One hand fisted itself in Iyasu’s ebony locks while the other snaked its way across her back, pressing her upper body against his. He was dimly aware of one of her hands moving to rest on his shoulder and the other to play in his hair. Need raged through his veins along with his heated blood. Seth needed to feel her body beneath his once again so he switched their positions smoothly. He didn’t even break their kiss as he flipped Iyasu onto her back and settled himself comfortably between her legs. Now her arms were around his neck, his hand that was in her hair now resting upon her leg, sliding its way up her skirt.


Meanwhile, a male wearing black shades entered the house. He glanced at his watch to see the time. Good. Now I don’t have to hear him whine about me being late. He closed the door behind him, the sound of it announcing his arrival. He slid his shades from his eyes to rest on the top of his head, on top of his black hair braided into intricate designs, to allow him to see indoors. A carefree expression was upon his face as he headed directly towards the room where the other two were, it being the designated meeting place in the house. Upon entering the room, his carefree expression was wiped right from his face. "What the fuck?" he demanded.

At hearing his voice, both Iyasu and Seth whipped their heads sharply towards the door and froze. Iyasu’s blue eyes were wide with fear, giving her the look of a deer in headlights. Her lips were parted slightly in shock. For what seemed like hours, she said nothing. She couldn't. In all actuality, only a few seconds had passed. Slowly, she overcame the shock and whispered, "J-J-Juran..."

Seth, looking much the same as Iyasu, tried to explain. "Bro, we didn't mean-"

“For what? Me to see it?” Juran asked, his voice soft, yet deadly. During the silence that occurred when he entered the room, his fiery crimson eyes had taken in everything from Iyasu’s sudden pallid skin tone to Seth’s hand that remained beneath Iyasu’s skirt still. His eyes blazed like actual flames as his normally controlled temper shot past the breaking point. In a flash, he was beside the bed, his hand in a vice-like grip upon Seth’s wrist peeking out from beneath the hem of Iyasu’s skirt. With almost supernatural strength, he yanked Seth off of Iyasu and hurled him into the wall opposite the bed. Seth hit the wall hard, then slid to the floor, a few flakes of drywall floating down to rest upon him. Before Seth even had time to recover from the impact, Juran was on him like a panther on its prey, his hand around Seth’s throat. “Maybe you didn’t mean it, but in my case, I mean everything that I’m about to do to you... Bro.”
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