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Some Sick Dream

Some Sick Dream
by Iyasu

The moon shines upon an empty clearing, illuminating it from the darkness that surrounds it. All is silent except for the sound of water bubbling in a small brook that runs through the clearing. The clearing is empty, save for one lone young woman underneath a willow tree. She sits near the brook with her legs pulled to her chest; her arms crossed above them. She watches the moon’s reflection in the water through the ebony curtain of hair that hides all but her dark blue eyes. An aura of sadness emanates from her, even though she tries her best to hide it.

Suddenly, she senses that she’s not alone. She turns her head to look behind her and there he is, standing not a foot away. She’s not surprised, even though he came up to her without making a sound. She almost feels as if she knew that he would come to her this night. She doesn’t know who this man is, but somehow, she feels as if she’s known him her entire life. He extends out a hand to her, and she takes it. He helps her to her feet, causing her renaissance-style black and dark purple dress to swirl about her ankles, exposing her bare feet. She looks up into his eyes, eyes that are a fathomless blue, deeper than her own. Eyes that she slowly feels herself began to drown in. He pulls her close, she wraps her arms around his neck, and the two of them begin to dance to a song heard only to the two them, a private song of the night. Their feet move along the blossoms of the wildflowers that grow in the clearing, the flowers’ heady scent intoxicating the young woman even more. They flow together like the water in the brook as they dance.

He spins her outward, and she twirls into a graceful stop before he pulls her inward, her back coming to a rest against his chest as the spin stops. The dance ends, he being content to simply hold her close, and she being content to sink into his embrace, his arms enfolding her protectively, peace settling over her. He lowers his head to her ear so that he can speak softly; not disturbing the song that still seems to play just for the two of them. “My fallen angel,” he whispers into her ear. His voice is sensual and smooth, with hints of something dark buried in it. She hears the darkness in his voice, and instead of being afraid, she just sinks into the velvety texture of his voice, it comforting her. She turns to look at him over her shoulder and once again the electric blue of his eyes entrances her as their gazes lock. Her entire body seems to grow heavy, and she can feel him supporting her. To her, it felt as if he began to carry her, but she wasn’t sure. The only thing that she can be sure of is his blue eyes staring down at her, until she sees nothing but complete darkness. The last thing besides his eyes that she is aware of before the darkness overtakes her is hearing him whisper, “Rayne…”

Rayne opens her eyes, and she is lying on a blanket in the meadow. She sits up and looks around, but she is alone, and it appears that she has been alone the entire time. There was no mysterious stranger that seemed to know everything about her, who wanted her, and she wanted him in return. There was no name that she could call, hoping that he would reappear if she did. Time continued just as it had before she had seen him. But there were some differences for her now. A strong yearning for him surged inside her. She needed to be with him. Now that she had had those few moments with him, nothing was ever going to be that same for her again. She jumps up from the blanket and begins to scan the rest of the clearing quickly, hoping that he was there and maybe she had just missed him. No one else was there besides her. “No…” Rayne whispered to herself, not believing that it could have possibly all been a dream. She sinks back down to the blanket, her head lowers, her hair concealing her face and blocking everything from view.


It was his voice. She couldn’t imagine that. Or could she? Rayne didn’t respond to the voice, thinking it to be nothing but wishful thinking. But then she felt his touch, and she knew that it wasn’t wishful thinking anymore. She raises her head slightly to look at him, seeing him kneeling in front of her, and lets out a small sigh of relief. Surprising herself, she reaches out and takes his hand, peace washing over her once again.

He smiles at her before releasing her and stepping away from her, getting to his feet and heading towards the dark forest that borders the clearing. “Follow me,” he whispers.

Rayne climbs to her feet, and follows, but she sees him vanish into the woods. “Wait!” She cries after him, plunging after him without a second thought. She begins to fear that this would be the time that she’d lost him for good. At first, she didn’t see him, but then she did, farther through the trees. Her chase appeared to be futile. Every time she got closer to him, he seemed to suddenly vanish from her sight, only to appear further ahead of her. She sped up, suddenly breaking through the forest into another clearing. Only this clearing was darker, more mysterious than the one before.

And standing not too far from her was the man that she had chased to this place, gazing at her with an intense stare, causing her to fall into his spell all over again. He closes the distance between them, and takes her into his arms. His aura seems darker now, but Rayne only feels as if she’s come home.

“Who are you?” She asks softly, her head tilting upwards to maintain their eye contact.

“I’m everything that you’ve ever dreamed of,” he responds. “Stay with me.”

Even though everything about his statement appeared to be far-fetched, Rayne knew that it was indeed true. She nods her agreement and says, “I’ll stay.”

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