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I wrote this for the Halloween Story Contest in my guild Eternal Twilight on Gaia Online. I won too, surprisingly enough since I kind of rushed it and it wasn’t as detailed as I would have liked.


Karen wasn’t quite sure when she first felt the eyes watching her. The only thing that she could remember was that one day they weren’t there, and the next day, they were. At first, she looked continuously over her shoulder, but when she saw nothing, she attributed it to watching one too many horror movies and began to ignore it.

After she’d ignored it for about two weeks, that’s when she realized that it wasn’t part of her imagination. One day, after leaving the bank where she worked as a bank teller, she came home to find a message written on her bathroom mirror. “I’m watching you, Karen,” it said. “Always.”

Immediately, Karen called the police, thinking that it was someone playing an awful prank on her. All of the people that knew her were investigated. She was single, so she didn’t have a possessive boyfriend, and she was on good terms with her exes, so it wasn’t an old relationship gone sour. All of the people in her neighborhood liked Karen. The perpetrator was never found.

It was after this when she began to hear the voice. “Karen…” it whispered into her ear during work. “I like how you look when you smile at the visitors; it makes you look like you’re there especially for each of them. Would you smile at me that way?” Mortified, Karen jumped when she was doing a deposit transaction.

“Are you okay?” the person standing at her window asked.

“Yes, yes, I’m fine,” Karen replied.

As soon as she had a free moment, she looked to see where the voice had come from. There was no one. The police were called in again, yet there was still no evidence. The voice continued to haunt Karen, along with the unrelenting gaze. Sometimes, it would simply say hello to her. Other times, it would say how much it wanted her to be with it.

Over time, Karen lost weight, she had bags underneath her eyes from lack of sleep, and the rest of her appearance was ragged as well. Her bosses worried for her, but she would only say that she was fine.

Thinking that she was losing her mind, Karen went to speak with a psychiatrist. She was fine, according to the diagnosis. Yet nothing stopped. Eventually, Karen quit her job, and shut herself inside of her home.

It was there that she began to see things. She never saw anything definite, just mist formed into a barely-discernible figure. It would always hold out a hand to her. At this point, Karen would close her eyes, throw her hands over her head and scream until her throat was raw. This didn’t help at all. She couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, could barely function enough to survive.

One night Karen’s neighbors heard a single scream, louder than any ever heard before, and it chilled to the bone. Upon investigation, Karen appeared to not be inside her home. Her body was never found.

What happened to her, you ask? Well, she’s with me, of course. I always told her that she’d be with me, and I finally came to claim her…

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