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Tears of Blood And Betrayal - Rayne

This is a quick installment that I wrote in one sitting. I haven't even really read over it, and I certainly need to clean it up a little, but I needed to write it. I think I have the other parts posted here under something... I'm not just writing some weird scene or something this time. So, without further ado...

Tears of Blood and Betrayal - Rayne


“It’s me.”

“Hey, Sis, what’s up?”

“I’m at the emergency room.”

“Are you okay? What happened?”

“I’m fine. I’m with Seth. He’s the one officially here.”

“What happened with him?”

“…Juran beat him up.”


“Well, you see, Rayne…”

Rayne listened carefully to the story that her sister told her, wisely keeping her comments in check and murmuring, “Oh, Iyasu…” when her twin sister began to cry. As soon as the conversation was over, she put down the book she’d been reading and grabbed her keys. Even though guilt nagged at her a bit for choosing a destination other than Iyasu’s location, she knew he needed a friend right now.

She was going to Juran’s.

When Rayne pulled up at Juran’s she was actually surprised that his care was there, even though she didn’t have any idea as of where he’d go instead. She switched off the ignition, stepped out of her car and walked to the door, hoping that Juran wouldn’t think her presence too awkward. She made to knock, but when she saw that the door was cracked open, she let herself in and searched for her friend.

She soon found him and immediately wished she hadn’t.

He pinned her with hard golden eyes set in an accusing stare, his body radiating anger. “What are you doing here?” he demanded.

Taken aback, Rayne answered, “I just wanted to see how you were after…”

“After I caught you?”

By the Goddess, Rayne thought. He thinks I’m ‘Yasu. She fixed him with a cool stare, gold meeting blue in a small clash of will. “Wrong one, Jay. It’s Rayne. Chill.”

Juran relaxed immediately. “Guess you heard then.”

“Yeah.” Rayne crossed over to him and place a hand on his shoulder. “I’m sorry. I know that it probably doesn’t help, but I don’t believe she meant to do it.”

“She could’ve stopped it.”

“I’m not excusing her actions, but the Mikagamis are a force to be reckoned with,” Rayne said, thinking of the two brothers, and trying to avoid thinking of one in particular.

“Like you and Sean?”

Rayne closed her eyes as her body tensed. “Don’t go there,” she said through gritted teeth. The familiar pain pulsed through her while she tried to fight her way above it.

Juran tenderly patted the hand that remained on his shoulder. “You still love him, don’t you?”

“I do. And it hurts.” But it was something that she’d rather deal with later or live with until it passed. “I didn’t come here to talk about me. I came to help you.”

“I know.” He pulled her into a hug that spoke of friendship and comfort. “But neither of us has to go through it alone.”

Rayne held on as if he’d thrown her a lifeline – as if they’d thrown each other a lifeline. And finally, finally, she allowed herself to cry the tears that she’d held inside for so long…

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