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Tears of Blood and Betrayal (continued)

Disclaimer: Juran is the property of Bryant Brown.

Tears of Blood and Betrayal (cont.)
by Iyasu

The sound of Seth colliding into the wall shook Iyasu from her state of shock. She looked with fear at the two, worried that Seth would be killed. She flipped herself onto all fours and crawled to the end of the bed. “Juran!” she called, hoping to stop him. Juran slowly turned his head to look at her and when their eyes met, Iyasu shrank back in fear. She had never seen him this angry before, and the message that he sent with that look was received loud and clear: ‘You stay out of this, because you’re going to get yours too, believe that.’ Afterwards, he returned his attention to Seth.

Seth returned from the daze he had been thrown into when everything began to happen so rapidly. His gaze moved over to Iyasu, who was cowering on his bed in both fear and anguish. It was never meant to go this far, he thought sadly. He blamed himself, for he knew how much Juran meant to her, yet he still couldn’t keep his hands off her. With that guilt, he decided to try to take the blame away from the both of them and set it solely upon himself. He must have looked at Iyasu too long, for he felt a slight increase of pressure on his neck. “Bro, let me explain-”

“What kind of fool do you take me for, Seth?” Juran asked, his voice quickly growing in volume with each sentence he spoke. “I catch you on my girl and you want me to let you explain how you did? You’re going to sit there and tell me that you didn’t mean for it to happen, and your hand is still under her skirt while you tell me that? Do you think that I’m blind as well as stupid? And on top of it all, you have the audacity to continue to call me ‘Bro.’ Just shut the hell up, and maybe I won’t kill you.”


Juran’s fist collided into Seth’s face with a sickening thud. “I could have sworn that I told you to shut the hell up... don’t make me repeat myself.”


Juran stood and quickly kicked Seth in the stomach, causing him to groan in pain and clutch his stomach. “Do I look like your fucking brother? No. Don’t ever call me that again.”

Iyasu watched the proceedings in a stunned silence. She knew that Seth had no chance against Juran unless he was to fight back. However, if he was to fight back, Juran may be even harder for him to handle. Seth, just shut up and stay down, and maybe he’ll leave you alone, she thought, feeling helpless about what to do, and not even believing her own solution. It was like she wasn’t even there, or she was invisible. She winced when Juran punched and kicked Seth, and stifled a gasp when Seth suddenly tackled Juran to the floor.

“Listen to me. Don’t blame Iyasu. It was-”

“-you? I’m not surprised. You’ve been trying for years. Get off me.” Juran easily and forcefully pushed Seth off of him and back into the wall without moving from his place on the floor, causing another thud and even more damage to it, showing Seth that he only let him get as far as he did. He was toying with him in a malicious game that would leave one of them seriously injured. Chances were, that person would be Seth.

Why did he do that? Iyasu thought to herself, knowing for a certainty that the situation had gone from bad to beyond worse.

Juran got to his feet in a flash. He was now looming over Seth, who remained on the floor. Seth made a move to get up as well, but Juran prevented that move by kicking Seth in the stomach once more. Only this time, he didn’t stop there. It started with kicks, then punches were added, all delivered with a lightning precision that only he could follow.

Seth lay there and took the blows without comment or complaint, not that he could have made any even if he had wanted to with the breath being knocked out of him every few seconds. He couldn’t bring himself to strike his best friend in retaliation, especially since he helped cause the problem and in his mind, brought the punishment onto himself. Thud. Blood spewed from his mouth. Crack. His nose stuck out at an odd angle. Thump. He was pretty sure some ribs were broken.

And it didn’t look like Juran planned on stopping anytime soon.

Juran continued to rain blows on Seth, the sight of his blood seeming to spur him on, increasing the violence within him. Seth’s condition wasn’t enough for him to stop. He needed to inflict more. The only thought in his mind was to make sure Seth paid. He saw nothing else, heard nothing else, felt nothing else.

Iyasu was terrified. She prayed that Juran would stop, but he continued.

Then she saw Seth’s eyes roll back in his head and his body go limp, blood streaming freely from his mouth and nose.

Instantly she thought he was dead. “No...” Iyasu whispered. “No!” She scrambled off of the bed and pulled at Juran. To hell with what he thought about her interference. “Stop!”

He only brushed her off like a fly and continued.

Iyasu yanked at him, hit him, yelled at him, did almost everything she could think of to get his attention directed from Seth to her.


So, she did the last thought that crossed her mind. She threw her body between Juran and Seth, protecting Seth from any further attacks, for as long as she could remain there. She knew that this meant she would now be receiving the blows, but it didn’t concern her as much as her best friend’s life. She couldn’t even dodge them if she had wanted to. She had nowhere to go. The wall and Seth was behind her, and Juran was in front. She saw it coming for her, and simply closed her eyes and waited for the next blow, the one that would hit her.

Juran had focused all of his attention onto Seth, his vision seeming to narrow until that was all he saw and even that was tinted red with bloodlust. He got annoyed when something seemed to move between him and Seth, and fully intended on hitting it as well. When he realized that it was someone rather than something, he was already throwing the next blow. It took a second more for his mind to clear enough for him to discover that the someone was Iyasu. He didn’t want to harm her, but his body continued on with the movement.

With a loud crash, drywall flew everywhere.

Iyasu opened her eyes only to see Juran’s arm inches from her face. His fist was buried in the wall behind her. She stared at it for a few moments until it dawned on her what had happened. Seeing her at the last possible moment, he quickly changed his aim enough so that she wouldn’t be hit. That thought still didn’t relieve her any, and it showed when she looked at Juran with eyes full of terror, that terror quickly followed by worry, sadness, and remorse.

The terror in her eyes cut through the intense anger that controlled Juran, letting his mind clear fully. He removed his hand from the wall, noticing that Iyasu shrank away from him as much as she could, thinking that he had changed his mind and she failed at stopping him. As much as he wanted to continue beating on Seth, his strength seemed to have left him with the anger, leaving him feeling weak and tired.

Iyasu turned and checked Seth’s condition, part of her still on guard, just in case. Juran seemed to be calmer now, but everything wasn’t over with yet. Seth was alive, only unconscious, she discovered to her relief. However, he needed a hospital, of that she was certain. He wouldn’t die though, or at least she hoped, and that was all that mattered. Silence settled over the room heavily between the two that remained conscious.

“How did it happen?”

Iyasu didn’t look at him, couldn’t look at him. She knew what she would see when she did look, when she looked into his eyes, and she couldn’t bear it if she did. She responded softly, “It was me. I was curious, and I couldn’t help myself... so I got on top of him and kissed him...” She waited for him to began to yell, except...

...there was more silence.

“Seth did the rest.”

Iyasu nodded, still not looking at him. “But I didn’t stop him. I didn’t even try.”


“I see.”

Everything fell quiet yet again. It was broken only by the sounds of footsteps, followed by the sound of a door opening and closing. Juran was gone. He didn’t yell at her, or offer any comment. She wished he had, then maybe she wouldn’t feel quite so horrible about it. In fact, she had expected it, but it never came. Iyasu waited a few moments, then reached over to grab the phone. After she handled the necessity of calling an ambulance for Seth, she buried her face in her hands and cried.
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